Chinese medicine succeeds where Western medicine fails

Chinese medicine succeeds where Western medicine fails

Chinese medicine succeeds where Western medicine fails

Ferdows goes back to walking after years of paralysis

Ferdous Namik, a Cypriot, was brought to Amman for treatment of the paraplegia that the wheelchair keeper kept for several years after she was a ballet dancer. She can walk after two months of treatment, supervised by Dr. Barakat Aujan.

Firdous was brought to Jordan for treatment from Cyprus after being recommended by one of her relatives in Amman who had been treated at the same center for DISIK.

Chinese medicine, inherited for thousands of years, has a strong ability to heal a range of functional diseases that Western medicine can not tolerate, such as dizziness, paralysis and some infertility.

"Firdous presented to Amman after a spinal operation that did not produce any results," Dr. Aujan said.

It is clear that it has a high degree of acceptance of treatment, as it was a difficult situation, we used Chinese needles as a basic treatment, in addition to a range of supportive therapies, such as laser therapy and ozone, which works to purify the blood "

He adds: needle acupuncture is done at the sites of the imbalance is very accurate, especially in the case of the location of the spine, and was linked to the electrical induction device to activate nerve centers and return to life.

Chinese medicine has a high specificity in functional diseases, namely, those related to the member's lack of function, in addition to the absence of any side effects, and in the case of the case of Ferdows specifically Western medicine stands helpless and a disease is intractable.


The Ministry of Health in Jordan recognized this type of medicine recently in 1996, and is the first integrated complex of Chinese medicine in the Middle East.

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