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Chinese acupuncture and pain treatment


What is the idea of ​​Chinese acupuncture?
Chinese acupuncture is one of the most widely used and widely used types of medicine in the world. It has survived as a treatment method for thousands of years despite its attack and attempts to stop its use in many areas over the ages. On the human body there are fourteen pairs of imaginary lines named after the different body members, and on these lines a set of points for each point, including a special number called these points

"Acupuncture points" and naming these lines and there is no relationship between the name and the effect of the points on it. These points can be identified on the surface of the body using a device that gives a very weak electrical current. This device can receive this current and gives a light signal or sound when the current is collected from the body and determines the location of the acupoints. This is because the points of prickling scattered on the body is characterized by low resistance to the current from the electrical current surrounding the rest of the surface of the body does not prevent this weak resistance flow to the device. As a result, the acupuncture points on the surface of the body are real, identifiable and not imaginary.

What is the effect of acupuncture?
The Chinese, who are the most acupuncturists, always try to make the effect of using acupuncture a philosophical idea based on the antecedents of life, "good and evil, night, day, sun, moon or positive and negative." Any disease is the result of greater contrast at the expense of the other or imbalance between extremes Inside the human body. This philosophical theory, in which many spiritual medicine users believe in therapy, makes the use of acupuncture restore the lost balance between extremities within the body and the disease disappears and its symptoms.
But the Western world thought and knowledge did not accept this Eastern philosophy and conducted independent studies to show the effect of acupuncture for certain points, which enabled the results of these studies to reach the certainty that the stimulation of certain points on the surface of the skin leads to stimulation in the nervous system and to respond to the endocrine secretion of many hormones, Measured laboratory.

Are Chinese Acupuncture They Or Fact:
The Chinese have tried over the centuries to make use of Chinese needles in the treatment of some type of treatment of their own and sent the practitioners of Chinese needles from the people of Asia to the countries of the world to practice this type of treatment to be exclusive only to those who traveled to them or learn at the hands of the Chinese gave him an introduction to the use Needles and practical exercises on the implantation of needles and their location without going into details of how it works and the doctor's freedom to use acupoints.
But with the increasing practice of Chinese acupuncture in the Western world, especially in Germany, France, England and most of the American West and those who did not accept the Chinese philosophical interpretation of the impact of acupuncture and have been in these countries to conduct neurological and laboratory tests to show acupuncture and significant changes in the rate of different hormones and neurochemicals Blood and nervous system fluids. The work of Chinese acupuncture results has been observed in parts of the body where the sensation disappears only if there are traces of activity and functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

How to stimulate acupoints:
1 - Chinese acupuncture points can be pressed on these points, the means used by the ancient Egyptians and then the Indians after them before the transfer of this medicine to China through India. The pressure on these points may be continuous using small stones or plant seeds or small grains of metal and may be pressure with the movement of fingers on the places of acupuncture and this method is very useful in the treatment of headaches and muscle pain.
The needles can be pricked at the points defined anatomically and moved by hand, in rotation with and against the clock. These points can also be stimulated and stimulated by the connection of a weak electrical current with a slow frequency to these needles and the use of electrical current in the excitation of needles is better than reaching the tip of the needles In addition to the possibility of stimulating a large number of needles at the same time, which is difficult to do with the use of hands where can stimulate only two needles at the same time.
3. Electromagnetic waves are now used to stimulate and stimulate acupuncture points, using a magnet of a certain strength. These are placed on these points or by using a small magnet that conducts a low frequency electric current or using rubber ends that reach the electrical current and are placed on acupuncture points.
This method has been increased in use with the fear of needle use and the potential for transmission of infection, especially viral hepatitis and AIDS.
4. The laser beam, especially the laser beam using infrared, is frequently used to stimulate acupuncture points. This therapy has a particularly effective role in acute pain.

Are there certain conditions for needle quality?
The needles must be made of materials that do not interact with the body and do not cause any sensitivity to the tissues and are often made of stainless steel, gold or silver. The needles must be sterile according to the usual medical principles. Personal needles should be used and not transferred from person to person even if sterilized in order to be a means of transmission of infection and diseases, especially AIDS and hepatitis.

Areas of use of acupuncture
Chinese needles are used in China and many East Asian countries to treat all diseases and anesthesia. The use of acupuncture in treatment is based on doctrinal grounds, where the strong belief in the usefulness of its use and traditional bases is deeply rooted in the fact that it has become inherited over thousands of years and economic and political bases. State expenses on treatment and reducing dependence on medicines, which brings many benefits to the national economy of this country.
But the use of acupuncture in the Western world has not been proven

Use of acupuncture in the treatment of pain
The use of acupuncture in the treatment of pain is the first agreed upon by all medical institutions, especially the World Health Organization, regarding the use of Chinese needles in medicine and treatment. The effect of Chinese needles and its results in the treatment of pain was the first observation that helped to discover the ancient effect of the use of acupuncture.
The excitation of Chinese needles points to relieve pain through several axes. The first is to increase the secretion of the natural opioids within the body and in the central nervous system, including beta-endorphins, ankalin, and linorphine, all of which are a powerful analgesic for all parts of the body and in the central nervous system. Before the preparation of the Chinese needle points. These opioids are a precise laboratory indication that supports the effect of stimulation of acupuncture points in the treatment of pain. The excitation of acupuncture points leads to the secretion of many hormones in the blood and can be measured. Irradiation of the autonomic nervous system leading to increased secretion of these hormones, which can be measured in the blood and compare the level before and after the preparation of acupuncture points and stimulation of acupuncture points leads to the closure of pain gates in the spinal cord and the arrival of pain signals from infected places to the central nervous system. The closure of these gates in front of the signs of pain is the use of natural defenses created by God in the human body to protect him from pain.
The stimulation of acupuncture points helps in the treatment of chronic pain caused by injuries to the musculoskeletal system, since there is always a vicious circle that helps the pain continue. This cycle should be broken so that the pain does not continue. This cycle starts with the pain. The muscle contraction occurs as a result of this pain. Of pain and so the Chinese needles and muscle sprain and prevent contraction and cut this vicious circle and stop the pain.
The use of acupuncture points in the treatment of many cases of migraine and semi-migraine headaches, especially in prevention and prevention of the incidence of headaches. Chinese needles helps when used with drugs in the treatment of cases of nerve injuries and has good results in this area. Headaches caused by tension and stress or muscle contraction of the legs and cause in addition to the disappearance of pain relax the muscles and the patient's feeling comfortable.
Whatever the difference between the Eastern medicine and Western medicine in the use and effectiveness of Chinese needles, the results in cases of acute pain and chronic pain to get out of the debate and it is enough that it is not a chemical medicine and does not cause any harmful complications of the body and inexpensive for the patient and can be used for a long time without the risk of continuous use or Long for many medications.

Diagnosis methods used in traditional Chinese medicine

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The doctor uses the functions of his senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and talk with the injured or source familiar with his illness to have a comprehensive view of all information on the disease and to absorb them regularly in preparation for direct clinical treatment on this. Diagnosis methods include observation, observation, hearing, smell, questioning, pulse testing, and heart palpitations. Each of these four diagnostic methods has an irreplaceable dorfrid. These four methods must be used together in clinical practice. Only a correct diagnosis can be made.

Method of observation and observation

The method of observation and observation method is based on the theory about the main and secondary gut and sub-channels in the body. The outer parts of the human body are closely related to the five solid organs of the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, as well as the six hollow bosoms, namely the gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, bladder, bladder, and sanguiao, the three inner cavities: Down. If changes occur in the functions of the five rigid body organs and the six hollow bodies, they are inevitably reflected in the changes in appearance, colors, conditions and movements in the external body parts. Therefore, the changes in the viscera can be realized by observing the symptoms of the physical body and the expression of the functions and conditions of the members of the five senses (ie ears, eyes, , Nose, tongue).

The method of hearing and smell

The method of hearing and smell is a method by which the doctor uses his senses to hear and smell to identify the disease by listening to the sound of the patient and the smell of various smells that emanate from the secretions of his body.

By listening to the sound, the doctor can detect pathological changes in the organs of the body concerned with monitoring the sound emanating from them and detect changes in the body's various body through changes in the voices that include voice and voice of breath and the sound of cough and the sound of hiccups and the sound of burping,

Aromatherapy is divided into two types that are exposed from two sources: the diseased body and the patient cavity. The odors of the infected body are foul odors that are caused mainly by the entry of external malignant agents into the intestines, bioenergy, blood and body fluids, and then outside the body through its openings and secretions. The smells of the patient cavity spread from the infected body and its secretions.

How to ask questions

Is a method used by the doctor through dialogue with a patient or source familiar with the question about the conditions of the disease and its development and symptoms present and the process of treatment. The main objective of this method is to detect cases of disease difficult to detect objectively, and to disclose information about the conditions of the disease to help diagnosis or provide more threads of examination in the case of lack or clarity of the symptoms of the virtual patient, as well as comprehensively comprehension of all conditions related to the disease, including the daily conditions of the patient And his work environment and hobbies in food and marital status.

Pulsation and pulse control

Is a method used by the doctor using his hand to touch and pressure the patient's body.

This method includes two parts of pulse and body pressure. The pulse is designed to detect changes in pulse conditions and thus determine the pathological changes within the body, while the pressure is aimed at some parts of the body.

Chinese needles treat heart disease

We often hear about Chinese acupuncture treatment and it is a non-traditional treatment without medicine, that is, an alternative treatment for the recovery of some chronic diseases as well as to lose weight, and older than before will be aware of some of their uses and benefits from the experience, but did not provide others on Treatment, and others think in her experience of treatment of some diseases, especially obesity after ascertaining its effectiveness and success for many, and this is what invited us to meet specialist and expert in this type of alternative treatment to explain to us all the surrounds of Chinese needles information and details and the most important precautions to be taken before it and others Dr. Saleh Abu Zeid, a consultant on rheumatology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and head of the physiotherapy department at Al-Ameen Hospital in Taif, is responsible for Chinese acupuncture.

Tell us about Chinese needles and how did you enter the kingdom?

Chinese needles are one of the oldest types of treatment in Chinese medicine and has a special theory is a component of alternative medicine The idea of ​​Chinese needles is based on acupuncture that works to consult the body's defensive forces to be used by the body to treat itself and has been this type of treatment for thousands of years in China And arrived in Europe in the first half of the twentieth century and passed many stages after the proven effectiveness and conducted a lot of research and studies and has spread and is studying in universities and medical institutes and identified the World Health Organization (FDA) diseases that can be used Chinese needles in the treatment and entered this treatment to the Kingdom recently.

The Saudi Commission for Medical and Health Specialties has set out all conditions and guarantees for the introduction of Chinese acupuncture treatment throughout the Kingdom. To ensure the scientific use of this treatment to achieve the benefit of the patient of this type of treatment, and these conditions and guarantees are:

1. The doctor should have a human physician who is scientifically qualified and registered with the Commission at the level of at least one specialist.

2. He must have a minimum of 200 hours of training at a recognized center. The needles should be used only after exhaustion of modern therapeutic and diagnostic medicine. Treatment should be limited to diseases that have been proven to be treated according to the World Health Organization.

3 - The use of disposable needles, taking into account the scientific origins of the sterilization of the patient and devices during treatment and the patient's understanding of the dimensions of treatment and its results negatively and positively.

Practitioner of this type of treatment must have been trained for five years and graduated from an internationally recognized academy.

The Chinese needles work to restore balance of the body and energy in the body going in multiple paths and for unknown reasons, the pathways suffer imbalance affects the energy flow and can be rebalanced needle insertion at certain places of these tracks.

Initially there were 365 sporadic points in the body to acupuncture, but the number of these points increased with the development of treatment. The result of the treatment depends on the point where the needle is inserted. A high electrical current can sometimes be used to increase the therapeutic effect.

What do Chinese people say about Chinese needles?

The Chinese say that needles have a philosophical idea based on the negative aspects of life, the sun and the moon, the night and the day, the positive and negative, and that the disease is to increase one of the extremes on the other and this idea claims the return of the balance between the two extremes within the body disappears disease and its symptoms.

Using needles with animals for experimentation, it was found to have a good effect in many cases. This negates the theory's reliance on psychological belief and conviction in the use of Chinese needles.

Among the cases where Chinese needles have been reported:

Cases of inflammation of the nerves and joints, headaches and migraines, cases of ear infections, high blood pressure, immune disorders and addiction, chest crisis, insomnia, anxiety, sinusitis, back and neck pain, muscle spasm and cessation of smoking, asthma, allergies and some types of paralysis and weakness Muscle.

Chinese needles play an essential role in the beginning and reduce weight and help in weight loss, especially with the diet diet (diet) and also help to support medicines and the continued facilitation of the diet and urged the body to secrete the substance of endorphins that help control the functions of organs.

Chinese needles and pain relief

One of the most important uses of Chinese needles pain treatment, and stimulate the points of Chinese needles to relieve pain through several axes, the first increase the secretion of natural opiates inside the body and the central nervous system. And also lead to the secretion of some hormones in the blood and is dependent on the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system, which leads to increased secretion of these hormones, which could be measured before and after acupuncture.

Chinese needles and headaches

Chinese needles are used to treat many headaches and migraines, especially in preventing headaches. It also helps with drugs in the treatment of cases of nerve injury V and have good results in this area.

The Chinese needles have shown good results in the treatment of headaches caused by tension and stress or muscle contraction of the neck and help to remove the pain and the feeling of relaxation. One of the cases is also treated cases of the injury of the seventh nerve and inflammation are placed in the places of movement of the muscles to be stimulated.

Chinese needles and heart disease

The effect of Chinese needles in the treatment of heart disease is positive and the results are in the right direction and are useful for improving the lives and conditions of people suffering from heart and circulatory problems. This is because the needles reduce the activity and effectiveness of the nerves related to the heart, which controls the internal movements in the body, The heart muscle and blood pressure may force the heart to work harder than normal to meet the body's need for blood.

Chinese needles and weight loss

Chinese needles are used as a means of weight loss. The Chinese needles used in weight loss implanted in ear floss have developed in specific areas and in different forms. A diet is needed to get the best results. By affecting the center of hunger if placed in the right points and also affect the upper part of the digestive tract and reduce the sense of hunger.

There are things that are recommended before and after the therapeutic sessions:

1 - Continue to take prescriptions by the doctor.

2 - Avoid eating fatty meals before and after sessions.

3 - time management where it is preferable to take a rest before and after treatment to confirm the occurrence of relaxation

Chinese acupuncture stops the tinnitus

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Chinese acupuncture and manual pressure on muscle tissue in some parts of the body can stop the tinnitus, a recent study suggests.
Sensory nerves in the face and neck may be behind the tinnitus, asserting that tactile nerve cells are activated in the brain after damage to the auditory cells and may play a role in the occurrence of tinnitus, said Susan Shor of the Karsge Institute of Hearing Research at the University of Michigan.

She explained that therapeutic methods such as acupuncture if used to treat nerves in the head and neck may help to recover from this condition, and other means to prevent tinnitus hand-treatment technique known as "Trigger Point Therapy" created by Janet Travel in the 1940s and summed up pressure on Muscle tissue to remove the pain, re-educate "the muscles and to get rid of the pain through the removal of tumors and convulsions.

Chinese needles treat back pain

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Chinese acupuncture is good for lower back pain, and both methods give much better results than usual treatments, according to a recent German study.

Half of patients treated with acupuncture felt better for months. In contrast, only a quarter of patients treated with conventional medicine, such as western medicine, felt better.

The study found that even pseudo acupuncture gave better results than conventional treatments, prompting researchers to wonder whether the pain was a physical reaction to any prickling or perhaps impressionistic effect.

"The treatment of acupuncture is a promising treatment and an effective option for chronic back pain," said Heinz Andres, a co-author of research results from a German university.

Acupuncture enhances women's fertility

LONDON (Reuters) - Acupuncture increases the chances of success in extra-uterine industrial fertilization, according to a recent study.

The researchers found that with every 10 cases of industrial acupuncture, there was an additional pregnancy. Through a study of 1,300 women, patients in European clinics may not benefit much from this issue, with 10 to 15 percent of British couples having problems In pregnancy at some point in their lives and looking for a special treatment for enrichment.

Industrial fertilization includes fertilization of ectopic oocytes, then the embryo produced by the fertilization process is placed in the womb, and some couples experience repeated costly fertilization.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries in China to regulate female fertility, and in recent years scientists have been exploring the possibility of using this method to enhance the chances of industrial fertilization.

By examining all the research, women who underwent acupuncture were 65 percent more likely to have had artificial insemination than women who were treated for "fake" treatment. This means that out of every 10 women who underwent acupuncture, there was an additional successful case of fetal transmission.

Chinese needles treat arthritis

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese needles treat many diseases, especially arthritis, according to a recent study.

Helmut Ruedinger, vice president of the German Medical Association for Chinese Acupuncture, said that the treatment of these needles helps mainly in cases of severe and chronic pain, such as migraines and arthritis, and also in cases of stress and asthma, and struggling these needles that penetrate the skin and reach the bottom The skin of the tissues of all types of allergies, menstrual pain and moderate depression.

When the needle enters under the skin, it touches a small nerve bundle, sending impulses to the spine and brain. The brain then sends a signal to release the nerve hormones that cause the patients to feel happy and relaxed. The side effects are very limited. Bruises at the place where the needles are used at all.

Chinese needles and laser to quit smoking

The smoker is always concerned .. He runs to the cigarette when he is nervous or upset to achieve the calmness of his nerves and empty the tension .. And when he smokes, he thinks disturbed in his health, which destroys gradually and steadily .. The health authorities did not limit the alert to the dangers of this smoking .. The smoker knows it all .. It affects the various cancers and the first lung, as it destroys the blood vessels and damaged atherosclerosis and develop into various heart diseases, and smoking also causes the destruction of lung diseases Chronic .. Recent studies have been bad news for women smoked is warning of early cessation of the menstrual cycle

The ear summarizes the whole body

The ear in acupuncture is an inverted embryo in which the earlobe is the head while the ear flange is the rest of the body encased on itself, taking the image of the fetus in the mother's abdomen. The outer line of the ear is representative of the back, while the rest of the ear represents the different organs of the body. Chinese acupuncture, or so-called "ear medicine" - which is not Otolaryngology, of course - treats various body diseases through points in the ear totaling about 108 points distributed evenly over the ear area by directly activating the organs The point of the heart located in the center of the points of the lungs, which represents the real heart between the lungs of the human, and the point of treatment of the colon located after the point of the small intestine and close From the stomach point of course. Another type of needle used for tingling is different from needles used to prick the body. They are smaller in size, no longer than one millimeter long and end with a ring that rests on the skin of the ear while the needle-taped tooth digs into the skin of the ear. The needle has a distinctive name which is "semi-permanent needle" distinguishing it from the traditional body ache, which is 3 to 10 centimeters long, and stitches the body for a specific period of up to 20 minutes Only in the session. The skin of the ear is equipped and disinfected before the use of disposable needles, so as not to occur infections. Recently, it has been possible to replace the needles using the low-power infrared laser beam to activate the treatment points in the ear and also in the other points of acupuncture treatment in the whole body. In China, acupuncturists have developed a method of treatment using seeds from small plants that are small in size, not more than one millimeter. These seeds are then covered with a plasterer and pressed several times a day for the patient to get the same effect as the needles. The use of laser and seeds is a solution to the problem of the patient who is afraid of needle prick, and is a suitable solution for children who may not tolerate needle prickness in the simplicity.
The global references that one of the first to use ear prick in treatment are the ancient Egyptians since 2000 BC, as it was documented to treat some cases of infertility through points in the ear, and interestingly the same points are currently used in the treatment of the same cases. The Chinese also used this method of treatment, although the world attributed to them the virtue of leadership in this branch of medicine after they were interested in the concentration of the days of the Cultural Revolution, and the visit of former President Nixon to China and the use of acupuncture in the treatment of some of his companions, To highlight the treatment of acupuncture in general and then the interest of the West and the whole world, and the beginning of intensification studies and research on the possibilities of this unique method of treatment, which deal with the internal energy forces of the body without resorting to chemicals that may do more harm than good.

Success reaches 90 percent

Thus, tingling of the lung point stimulates the release of natural endorphins, which resist the addiction of all drugs, including nikonin, and also prick the nicotine point outside the ear, as well as a point called the gate of the soul and this helps calm the psychological state that may be tense with the cessation of smoking . Some general points in the body and face are also pricked to treat smoking addiction. And the rate of success in stopping smoking after one treatment of up to 80%, and the rest respond to another session after about a week, and the final rate to nearly 90% provided that the person is willing to quit smoking, The person quitting smoking by 40 percent while the tinnitus treatment provides the remaining 60 percent.
Most people who have been treated with acupuncture to refrain from smoking say that the desire to smoke is reduced and may disappear completely, and one does not feel the withdrawal feelings of nicotine. Others say he feels a strange, unwelcome taste for the cigar that makes him reject it altogether. Some smokers said they felt the urge to vomit when they tried to smoke after acupuncture.
In recent years that have seen advances in laser science, doctors have begun to use low-power infrared laser to activate acupoints instead of needles in the treatment of smoking cessation, making it easier for people to accept this type of treatment. Some people may feel nervous Nervousness and fear of pain with acupuncture. The laser is used safely for a few seconds to activate the same points used in acupuncture either in the ear area or in the rest of the body.
Thus, it is easy for a smoker to stop smoking and survive the health risks that threaten his life and activity, just to decide and to be determined to refrain from this devastating addiction, leaving the rest on the Chinese needles and laser, a successful treatment in this regard


Acupuncture techniques

Quick prick: The doctor holds the needle with the thumb on the one hand and the middle finger and the other and then steers the needle with a quick movement, the sensitive area of ​​the skin is penetrated without pain.

Slow sting: The doctor holds the tip of the needle with one hand, using the index finger, thumb, and near the skin surface.

3 Spiral pinching: The tip of the needle is placed above the point of the prick and then the needle is administered between the index finger and the thumb with pressure on it inside the body while maintaining the right direction until reaching the depth


4 Skin disc before and bowed: The doctor pulls the skin up with the thumb and index finger and then runs the needle with a muzzle and other thumb.

5 Extend the skin before the prosthesis: The doctor sets part of the skin of the patient between the index finger and the left hand with the tightening of this part between the fingers and the introduction of the needle and management with the right hand.

Stitches of needle stitches

There are three directions for needle stitching depending on the degree of needle mileage on the surface of the skin:

1 Straight direction: and be perpendicular to the surface of the body.

2 oblique direction: takes a 45 degree angle on the surface of the skin.

3 Horizontal direction: It ranges from 10 to 15 degrees on the surface of the skin and in the cases of the direction of the diagonal and horizontal direction of the needle entry in front or behind the point as well as right or left.

Urging needles

The needles are usually urged in diseases and paralysis as well as when the needle is used in anesthesia, and this is done in two ways:

Manual induction: Either insert the needle and remove it rapidly, or rotate the needle between the index finger and thumb, but the cycle should not exceed 180 ° or both.

2 - Electrical induction: by connecting the needles to the electrical induction in cases that require a long time of induction, taking into account not to cause pain to the patient by increasing the current suddenly.

Tools for acupuncture

As it is called acupuncture, the main tool used is needles of various types:

A) Poisonous hair: Made of stainless steel, sometimes made of bronze, aluminum, copper, silver or gold, the length is between 9.3 cm and 20 cm, the diameter is very small, compared with the length of the syringe medical standard. This needle is made up of a head, neck and body. This needle has a tapered tip that is prickled and when all the parts of this body are inserted into the patient's body.

B - Triglyceride: It is three-sided and has 3 sharp sides implanted in the patient's skin and is used in special cases at special points such as epilepsy, thoracic asthma and high fever.

C - The seven - pointed starry: It resembles a plum blossom and has a head of about 7 small needles and used in dermatology as well as in cases of slipped cartilage and rheumatic pains.

D: The needle that is left in the muscles of the body for several days before removal, and is usually left in the points that are not affected by daily practices and does not feel the presence of the patient. It is used in cases of headache, hepatitis and some cases of myopia.

E. Pressure needle: A small needle in the form of a pin with a small pointed tip and has a triangular or round base installed in special places in the ear and used in cases of obesity, addiction and asthma.

What are acupuncture points

They are points on the human body with varying degrees of depth, and are connected to the energy pathways.

These points are painful if pressed, compared to other areas of the human body, where there are no points for acupuncture. It is also more painful if the member on the path falls ill.

In modern scientific methods, these points were found to have low electrical resistance, when compared to the surface of the body, and thus their location could be accurately determined by the electrophoresis.

The number of these points is about 1,000 points, but recent research conducted in China recommended only 214 sufficient to meet the desired therapeutic purposes.

Identify acupuncture points

There are several ways to identify acupuncture points, for each point the easiest way to identify them and some of them is more than one method. Here are some of these methods.

1 Anatomical Marks:

They are the prominent anatomical workers that can be seen, touched, and members of the five senses, eyebrows, borders of the head hair, joint folds, nipple, navel and vertebrae.

2 fingers scale:

In this way, the chun or the inch of the body is taken as a fixed unit, and after the point of any anatomical sign the number of inches of the body is determined, proportional to the size of the patient compared to the size of the doctor.

3 Body movement:

Some points can be identified by requiring the patient to perform a specific movement, or to take a specific position on his or her body, such as inserting the patient's fingers, flexing the elbow, etc.

4 Select by pressing:

As mentioned above, the acupuncture point is painful when pressed, thus oxidizing the point.

5 Selection by electrical detector:

It is a modern device based on low point resistance to electricity, with a head if it reached the point gave a particular sound or lighting.

6 Selection using more than one method:

This method is used using more than one of the methods we mentioned to reach the desired point.

Intuitive use

Prefer not to use acupuncture in the following cases:

1 cases of hepatitis, even with the use of needles used once, for fear of tingling the doctor and the transmission of the disease to him as well as AIDS.

2 - The presence of cancerous skin disease in the locus of acupuncture, because the pricking causes the spread of cancer cells away from the place of the tumor.

3 in cases of psychological anxiety.

4 during the menstrual cycle for women.

5 in a very cold weather.

6 in cases of complete decrease of immunity to the patient where the delay of the tingling and advises the patient to rest fully, taking a diet rich in vitamins.

7 after eating directly and especially if the food is dasma.

Finger scale

1 Chun = 10 Art

2 Chun = 2/21 piggyback

5 Chun = 2/61 piggyback

Duration of treatment

Usually the needle is left in the body for 15 to 30 minutes, and in some cases may leave the needles for 60 minutes, the number of treatment sessions ranging from 7 to 10 sessions. Either daily or more if the disease is severe, or one session every two or three days in chronic diseases. It may be necessary to continue treatment then the patient is given rest for a week after the tenth session and then continue treatment.

The completion of treatment sessions is necessary, and the results of the treatment are immediate in the treatment of pain and the treatment of other diseases can be expected results after the fourth session.

Side effects of tingling

The side effects of Chinese acupuncture are simple and easy to treat compared to the side effects of many medical drugs and can be summarized as follows:

1 Infection of the needle location: The result of insufficient sterilization when using the needle and treated like any other skin inflammation by cleaning the place with disinfectants and the use of antibiotics if necessary.

2. Bleeding at the site of the tingling: This occurs as a result of involuntary tingling of the vein. The bleeding site is then pressed for several minutes until the bleeding stops.

3 - Breaking the needle: This occurs in a small proportion of patients in this case determines the location of the needle and then anesthetized topically and remove the needle surgically.

4 The tip of the needle: In this case leave the needle for a while with the patient calm and then administered gently until you tend to prefer not to use the needle installs several times.

5 Forget the needle: This happens a lot as a result of the large number of work and anyone close to the patient can remove and cleanse their place.

6. Dementia: This occurs especially in the patient of the nervous system is very sensitive and in this case the doctor to note the vital signs of the patient such as pulse and blood pressure and breathing and then to reassure the patient and works to calm him.

In this case, the needle is left in place for several minutes. The doctor calms the patient until he relaxes with a light massage around the needle until the muscles relax. The needle is removed next to the first, where it is observed. Decreased shrinking around the first needle. It becomes easy to remove and then remove the second needle easily.

Late Sensations

Which are the senses felt by the patient after several sessions and listed as follows:

A gradual decrease in the degree of pain.

2 feeling calm and calm when unloading special points in the body.

3 feeling a kind of physical balance.

4 sensation of general activity: where the patient feels an abnormal activity involving the whole body.

5. Alert the immune system and increase the antibodies in the human body.

6 Increase muscle strength: This is because the passage of electrical current in the muscles works to strengthen it.

7. Sensation of psychological recovery, especially in the patient who is willing and willing to use this type of treatment. The explanation for this psychological recovery is that when massage the energy channels produce natural force of jealousy in the human body as a result of energy alert and extraction.

Primary sensations after pricking

At the point prick, the patient feels one or more of the following primary sensations:

1 pain in the place of acupuncture and less pain as the skill of the doctor.

2 Tingling at the tingling location may spread along the energy channel.

3 Sensation of a type of burning sensation similar to the result of a weak acid on the skin.

4 feeling particularly heavy in the limbs.

5 Feeling full and takes the energy path and this fullness can occur by placing the needle only or when running without connecting it to the power source.

Painful Diseases

Headaches of all kinds.

Dental pain.

Stomach pain.

Neck pain.

Facial pain.

PMS pain.

Pain of gout.

Pains caused by accidents during exercise.

Lower back pain and sciatica.

Muscle strain.

Rheumatism and sprains.

Non - painful diseases





Excessive sweating.


Clogged nose.



Poor digestion.



Hearing impairment.

Acoustic ache.


Frequent urination.


Baldness and hair loss.

High blood pressure.

Facial neuropathy.


Periodontal disease.

These are some of the diseases that have been successfully treated with Chinese acupuncture and we can not fail to mention the usefulness of acupuncture treatment in controlling allergic diseases. And the elimination of addiction to some drugs and drugs and smoking and eating excess, which leads to obesity and all diseases that Western medicine can not cure, before the doctor decides that the patient to get used to living with his illness, it should give the opportunity for acupuncture. Which often reverses all expectations and gives excellent therapeutic results

Legend of the magic of Chinese needles in Tunisia

There is a Chinese Traditional Acupuncture Center in Tunisia, a small country in North Africa that enjoys the beauty of its scenery. Despite the small size of the center, it has become famous